About Us

About Commercial Air, Inc.

Founded in 1981 by Doug Bingham (Retired) and Jeff Bingham (4/5/63 – 5/24/10) the company expanded under Jeff’s guidance into a full service HVAC&R business. Jeff started out his career as a journeyman and had many years of practical hands-on experience and developed his knowledge covering all aspects of the trade with expertise in refrigeration.

Over these years Commercial Air developed well beyond providing basic HVAC and refrigeration capabilities and now serves a much wider variety of services, engineering and support for commercial, industrial and municipal clients.

As the current President and owner of Commercial Air Tom Duffy leads the company with over 30 years of extensive knowledge. Tom worked as a teenager pounding, forming and installing sheet metal before earning his degree in Construction Administration from the UW-Madison. Tom oversees the Commercial Air team in keeping abreast of new developing technologies in design, “Green” technologies, engineering, installation and service. Tom uses his comprehensive knowledge to thoroughly assess the needs of each project with the customer to help determine the type, size and design of equipment most suitable for the project.

Since its founding, Commercial Air’s Steamfitters and Sheet Metal journeymen have always deemed it essential to complete a five-year-apprenticeship program. All apprentices have successfully completed at least 500 hours of approved course material at a local Technical College along with five years of on-job training. Our technicians are all universally certified for the handling of ozone-depleting refrigerants in Wisconsin, and are members of the Refrigeration Service Engineers Society. All of our technicians maintain their involvement in continuing education classes keeping up with current trends and practices in the industry. This exhaustive training regiment and years’ of expertise ensures our customers ( past, present and future) that they are receiving highly qualified, highly trained and professional personnel on each and every project.

At Commercial Air our company was founded and built by devoting ourselves to highly satisfied customers. We have always worked closely with our customers to ensure that the solutions we provide are tailored to their unique needs and challenges. With superior customer service continuing to be the primary focus of Commercial Air we are dedicated to serve you and are committed to your success.